The Art of Power is a suspense thriller about three unassuming young adults living in Washington D.C., whose lives are thrust into a twisted saga. The story follows an odd loner, Wesley, whose story is told in non-chronological order. After seeing his world collapse beneath him, he becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on a powerful senator, whom he holds responsible. His motive crystallizes as the story moves forward, and clues begin to reveal what changed him. Wesley’s plot engulfs two women in his storm of vengeance. Sienna, an aspiring teacher, becomes fixated on achieving her goals by any means necessary even if that means becoming a high class escort. Alexis has been content to enjoy the finer things in life, but for the first time will be forced to measure the value she places on love. In this web of deceit and passion, things are not always as they appear. All three will be forced to face the greatest challenge of their lives, while finding out what power truly means along the way.